Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Introducing 'Look-in-the-Bag'

Look-in-the-Bag Ltd's Logo
The bag is now open and the world is invited to look in it.

Look-in-the-Bag is a new online fashion accessories shop that sells 'Looks'. Each one comprises a scarf and a matching piece of jewellery sold in a bag designed to complement the 'Look'. Check out our new collection, ranging from the classic to quirky, at our website. .

This blog will give an account of how Look-in-the-Bag came to be, and of some of the lessons we've learned (and are learning) en route to becoming a world fashion phenomenon (or at the very least, solvent). You can find out a bit more of what we're doing day to day from our Facebook page (LookintheBag) and from Twitter (also, surprisingly enough, LookintheBag).

18 September 2012

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