Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Counting blessings (part 3 - Learning / Experience / Knowledge / Skills)

Continuing with the luck audit, our formal education was only marginally relevant to the formation of Look-in-the-Bag.  I have a background in library and information management, which makes me good at looking things up (always useful) and placing books in order (so far, no call for that skill in LitB).  

Neelam’s degree is in fine arts.  Her appreciation of Carravaggio’s use of light however, has been less useful to LitB than her skills as a designer and illustrator.  Give her a paintbrush, a pencil, a stick of charcoal, or a finger dipped in ink, and she will put it to good creative use.  Her repertoire ranges from the realistic and detailed to the quirky and cartoony.

It was these skills that helped her in advertising.  Having an eye for colour, an eye for style and an eye for design meant that (1) she has too many eyes, and (2) she was the right person when it came to directing product shoots and accessorising the models used to help sell the products.  It also makes her a very good person for planning and designing our ‘Looks’